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We have been exploring so much of the Philippines and I love planning our trips for all my friends.

We enjoy taking the weekends off from our busy schedules and just go somewhere to relax, we tried booking our trip to Coron and everything was just perfect. At first I was not sure because they just started the operations but when I learned it was also owned by Access Travel, all my doubts and worries were just gone because they have been doing international experiences for the Filipinos for a very long time now. Special mention Ella, thank you for arranging our trip and being patient with us.

Isha Quicho


A lot to see in the Philippines, we are not really well connected like many places in Asia but this is part of fun.

We have so much to offer as a country, with the help of growing Explora they have made it easier for the foreigners to know what they can explore and see in the Philippines. We are so far from the rest of Southeast Asia and often a lot of people skip this hidden gem of ours, I love booking our hassle trips and experiences with Explora. We were one of their first clients when they started and up to now we still enjoy working with the team and travel happily everywhere. Thank you Shane for assisting us.

Jane Dominguez

Bohol, Coron, El Nido and Siquijor

Palawan is my favorite place, it’s just an hour flight and I get disconnected from everything even just for the weekend.

There are so many places to explore here, as a Filipino I must say that the Philippines is still unexplored for us, what more for the foriegners. The chaos and delays are all part of the experience, after all we are not a first world country but the we excel at providing a world class hospitality. Explora Ahora is helping a lot of travelers see the hidden gems of our country, we cannot wait to explore more with Explora Familia. We are happy travelers, and will definitely recommend it to our friends in Europe.

Raph Rosello

El Nido
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