Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of Explora Familia?

The Explora Familia is our internal operations team, deeply committed to showcasing the beauty of the Philippines with our travelers.

Who will be my guide and driver for private tours?

You will be accompanied by our local and professionally-trained experts during your private tours.

Where is your office located?

Explora Ahora is operated from Unit 2, 127E, FPJ Ave Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines; and Madrid, Spain.

How do I get in touch with Explora Ahora?

Kindly email us your concern at You may also reach us via WhatsApp and Viber at +63 917 324 1391

Can I pay via credit card?

We allow credit card booking on our website. Respective bank charges apply.

I’d like to proceed with Explora Ahora. What’s next?

Upon reaching out to our Explora Familia, we'll provide you with an initial quotation. Once the quotation is agreed upon and signed, please settle the full payment 30 days before your departure or before the specified deadline.

Please be advised that any cancellations after signing the proposal or making a deposit are subject to cancellation fees and management’s approval. Holiday surcharge may apply for certain dates.

Can I refund my payment?

Refunds are subject to management approval. Upon approval, our administrative manager will process your refund. Please note that all bank and remittance charges will be charged to the client.

We recommend making payments only when your travel plans are confirmed to avoid charges.

Can I plan my trip with Explora Ahora even if I am not in the Philippines?

Absolutely. We can plan your trip to the Philippines no matter where you are in the world and have access to international payment portals for your convenience.

Can Explora Ahora help us arrange our honeymoon?

Of course! We can customize your honeymoon depending on your preferences as a couple. Can Explora Ahora assist our senior citizen parents and grandparents in providing wheelchairs?

Can Explora Ahora assist our senior citizen parents and grandparents in providing wheelchairs?

Definitely, we can coordinate this concern with our local partners.

Can children join Explora Experiences?

Absolutely. Our experiences are composed of only 12-15 travelers, making them an easier group travel option for parents. Our travel partners are also well-experienced in handling toddlers. However, we suggest private tours for families with younger kids for an optimal travel experience.

Can Explora Ahora help with immigrant, work, and spouse visas?

No. We only process tourist visas for those who travel directly with us.

How is Explora Ahora related to Access Travel?

Explora Ahora is Access Travel’s sister company in the Philippines. We bring you unforgettable experiences in the Philippines with the same exceptional customer service and attention to detail that Access Travel is known for.