Banaue and Sagada

Be part of a 7-day escapade through the enchanting landscapes of Banaue and Sagada. Each day brings views that leave you breathless, whether it’s the iconic rice terraces or the Kiltepan sunrise. Prepare to be enchanted by Sagada and Banaue – where the weather is cool, but the locals are warm-hearted.


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Notes to Remember:

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  • All experiences are subject to confirmation and weather conditions.
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day one


Get ready for an epic road trip with the iconic Philippine rice terraces as your backdrop. Your first stop will be the stunning Bangaan Rice Terraces, where you'll witness the incredible ingenuity of the Ifugao people in sculpting the mountains into the terraces we know today. 

As the day comes to an end, you'll check in at Hillside Inn in Batad, your cozy retreat amidst the lush greenery. Here, you can unwind and immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the remote village, connecting with the local culture and savoring traditional Ifugao cuisine prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

day two

Batad Rice Terraces

Let yourself take awe of the captivating beauty of the Batad Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, before venturing to Mayoyao, another stunning destination in the Ifugao region. Discover the intricate network of ancient rice terraces that cascade down the mountainsides, a testament to the skill and heritage of the Ifugao people. 

As you traverse these lush landscapes, you'll have the opportunity to interact with the locals, gain insights into their daily lives and traditions, and maybe even participate in traditional rice planting or harvesting activities.

day three

Banaue Rice Terraces

Experience the grandeur of the Hapao Rice Terraces and explore the traditional Hiwang Village, where you'll encounter the rich culture of the Ifugao people. As you return to Banaue, make sure to visit the Banaue Rice Terraces and Banaue View Point for breathtaking panoramic views of this UNESCO-listed destination. 

In the evening, you'll travel to Sagada, where you'll check into a comfortable accommodation, providing you with the perfect base for your adventures in this charming mountain town. Savor a delicious dinner at a local eatery, sampling the flavors of Cordillera cuisine.

day four

Sagada Tour

Start the day with the breathtaking Kiltepan Sunrise, an unforgettable sight that paints the skies with hues of orange and pink. After breakfast, we make our way to the Hanging Coffins, an intriguing glimpse into the unique burial traditions of the Sagada people. Discover an underground world filled with spectacular limestone formations and natural pools as we visit the depths of Sumaguing Cave. 

For the adventurous, an optional visit to Bomod-Ok Falls lets you take a dip in the natural waters amidst Sagada’s cold climate. The day concludes with a visit to Kapay-aw Rice Terraces, where you can witness the harmony between man and nature in this intricate agricultural landscape.

day five

Sagada Local Experiences

Your day begins with a visit to Marlboro Country, an expansive plateau offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, a perfect spot for reflecting and appreciating Sagada's natural beauty. The adventure continues by exploring Blue Soil Hills, a unique geological wonder that makes the ground appear blue. Discover local crafts at Sagada Pottery Workshop and Sagada Weaving, visit the Sagada Orange Farm, and cap off your day with a cooking class, led by a local chef. 

Take the opportunity to explore the rich flavors of Sagada's cuisine, including the famous Sagada lemon pie, the hearty pinikpikan, and the aromatic native coffee, all of which reflect the unique cultural and culinary heritage of the region.

day six

Maligcong Rice Terraces

Today you’ll embark on a journey to Maligcong Rice Terraces in Bontoc, where you'll witness the astounding landscapes and learn about the agricultural traditions of the region. As you explore this hidden gem, take in the sweeping vistas of emerald-green terraces, and interact with the friendly locals, gaining insights into their way of life and their deep connection to the land. We’ll end the day with a serene sunset by Lake Danum, a tranquil spot where you can reflect on your incredible journey through the Cordillera region.

day seven


Bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Sagada as you travel back to Manila, carrying the memories of this incredible journey through the Philippines' cultural and natural treasures.

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Banaue and Sagada

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